Sheep Fat – 100% Natural – 500ml


100% Natural Sheep Fat

500ml – comes with a pump dispenser

The ideal seasoning to pour over your dogs meal

Liquid sheep fat is composed of sheep fat, Salmon Oil (Omegs 3 & 6) and Sunflower Oil

It Supports your pets skin, coat, digestion and intestines and helps with food intolerance

Promotes the absorption of food in the intestines, applies a protective layer to the intestine wall

Improves digestion leading to less stools

Perfect for weight gain or high enegry needs

Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that protects the cells, cell wall, bloodstream and tissue, it also regulates the metabolism in the cell.

Suitable for all dog breads and all ages.


Added to your pets daily feed:
Small Dogs – 2 Pumps per day
Medium Dogs – 3 Pumps per day
Large Dogs – 4 Pumps per day
XLarge Dogs – 5 Pumps per day


Sheep Fat
Cold Pressed Salmon Oil
Sunflower Oil

High Energy – 840 Kcal per 100g (8400 Calories per kg)